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Valentine’s Day Art

We had a nice little Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago: Dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, non-Keto treats, laying around = pretty great. We don’t normally get each other anything but I’ve been itching to do something art-y and figured this was a pretty good time to do some mushy art-ing.

I had pinned this tutorial awhile back and originally thought I’d make a long rectangular Clarke sign but couldn’t figure out where I’d put something like that so I held off. I had also seen this at some point and liked the idea, so I kinda combined both of them to make something relatively easy but very Valentine’s-y without it being too Valentine’s-y to be out all year.

Here’s what it ended up coming together as:

2016-02-12 22.37.42 Dave liked it, he swore!

To make it I bought  2 pack of cork-board at Dollarama, a pack of different coloured thread and I already had the pins from my Christmas Ornament Ball project I did a few years ago.  So it costs be about $4 to make it.

I started by gluing the two pieces of cork together and painting it white with acrylic. I did two coats of paint. Once dried (I used a hair dryer because I’m so impatient), I attached my letters with tape. I sorta eyeballed how big the letters had to be and printed them off one at a time. I think I’d pick a different font if I did this again because Times New Roman has really skinny parts which don’t really lend themselves to stringing thread between it turns out.

2016-02-12 20.24.56

After they were glued down I started to pin around them. I’m not sure how far apart the pins were, I just eyeballed that too, I’m very profesh about art. I figured it they were too far apart I wouldn’t be able to get very many “strings” but if they were too close together I’d be at it forever.

2016-02-12 21.18.47 2016-02-12 21.02.41

I pulled the letters off after all the pins were on, and then I started to string the thread.

2016-02-12 21.38.51 2016-02-12 22.07.49 2016-02-12 22.20.49 2016-02-12 22.37.42

It was slow going and I had to repeat so many times because the thread just sorta slips off if you’re not careful, or gets tangled in the pins. There are many things that can go wrong but if you tie it on at one end and then loop it twice around most of the pins it tends to stay on so much better. I went over a few parts that I thought weren’t string-y enough and I’d say it took me about 30-45 minutes per letter depending on how much I screwed up or how intricate the letter was (the E took way longer than the heart, for instance).

2016-02-12 22.40.26-2

I’m going to put a cheap border on it somehow, at 12 by 12 it’s an awkward thing to frame, but I’ll think of something, and then I’ll put it on a wall, one of many I now have to fill because buying a 3 storey house means I have 50000 places to put art!

Stay The Keto Course

Sometimes I think keto isn’t working. I’ve been at this nearly 10 months now and I’m down around 40 pounds but for the last 2 months I haven’t lost a damn thing. Obviously I want to blame keto because it’s the easiest thing to blame but when I really thought about it this past weekend I realized it’s not keto’s fault I’m not losing weight like I was, it’s my own fault.

Once you lose a bunch of weight it’s so easy to slip back into old habits, so even though I haven’t been cheating on keto I haven’t been giving it 100%. Too much protein and too many calories are still something I need to be thinking about daily. This week I gave up diet pop and have been logging my food on MFP. I’ve been going for walks but I’d also like to get back into some sort of fitness, I’m thinking WiiFit. Back to basics. I still have a long way to go to losing all the weight I want but I haven’t gained in 2 months and that’s pretty great. I’m going to stay the keto course and see how well I do in the coming 9 weeks as I circle in to my 1 year keto-versary!


I’ve been quiet on my blog the last 2 months and have so much news to tell. We started looking to buy a house in January and nearly bought one in February but we backed out of the deal when we couldn’t agree on terms. In the end we were both happy we didn’t end up buying that house, it was a nice size and a good price but we realized the layout wasn’t really what we wanted.

After looking for 6 months or so at around 40 houses we definitely knew what we didn’t and did want in a place and were willing to keep waiting. At the beginning of November we decided to start looking again, and going to open houses. Since we were going to be out already I booked an appointment at a private sale for the same day as the open houses. We fell in love with the place. We put in an offer the day after we saw it. After agreeing to terms, we moved in about 6 weeks later, the week before Christmas. 2015-11-28 15.59.09
It’s a semi-detached (something we hadn’t really considered at first) in a great neighbourhood. It’s 3 bedrooms and 2 and 1/2 bathrooms. It had nearly no yard (we both have no interest in mowing a lawn) but a nice sized deck. 2 bedrooms are on the top floor, 1 is in the basement which we’ve converted into Dave’s hobby room. There is enough room for me to have a desk to do my nails in our bedroom without having to pack up all my stuff every time I finished with it, something I’ve wanted to be able to do for a year.

We are both really happy about it. Waiting and looking and waiting some more definitely paid off. We can’t wait to grow in our home together.

I also took 2 weeks off over Christmas from Keto but re-started it on Monday. I’m very excited to be back at it. My next break will likely be in 8 weeks or so, but I’ll see how it goes. Between setting up the house and Christmas we have been pretty busy but now that it’s been a few weeks I’m happy to be back to cooking meals and hanging out with Dave.

Here are some pics of the new place!
IMG_20160104_203346947 IMG_20160104_203355034 IMG_20160104_203401566 IMG_20160104_203409631 2016-01-07 09.17.09 2016-01-07 10.56.372016-01-07 10.56.42 IMG_20160104_203430797
2016-01-07 12.42.27 2016-01-07 12.42.03 2016-01-07 12.42.16  IMG_20160104_203452311 IMG_20160104_203616838IMG_20160104_203603466 IMG_20160104_203609122

I will start blogging more now that we’re basically set up in our place, more keto, more nails, more home projects!

Round 5

Cheat weekend (which turned into cheat 6 days) was pretty, pretty, pretty good. We cheated the entire time we were out of town and I “gained” 9 pounds. It took a week and a day or so to get rid of the water weight I had packed on and I felt incredibly bloated while losing it. But, it’s gone. Onward to round 5. This time around we’re going to go through to Dec. 23rd and then have a week long break to cover Christmas and New Years.

My goal is to be in the 150s by Christmas, that gives me 8 weeks to do it (writing this post a week late because it took a week for me to lose the water weight anyway so really 7 weeks I suppose). It’s very doable. Excited to see new lows. And then excited to eat Christmas baking.

6 month Ketoversary!

That’s right, bitches! Dave and I have now been Keto for 6 whole months. We started on April 20th, and while we have definitely had cheat weekends (and weeks while in Europe) we have been quite steadfast in our keto lifestyle.

I can’t count the number of cakes we’ve turned down in 6 months, or the number of times we brought our own snacks somewhere, or the number of times we made bacon. But I can count the number of pounds we’ve lost (32 and 35 respectively), the number of sizes we went down, and the number of weeks we rocked Keto for.

I’m proud of what we’ve done together, and I’m looking forward to continuing having cheat weekends when it makes sense (one upcoming this weekend), and getting down to 160 by the end of the year. (c’mon me!) Keto is great. Keto isn’t hard. Keto works. K4L I guess is legit what we’re going for. I woke up on my 6th month ketoversary and was down .2 lower than I was when I quit working out and gained 40 pounds back last year! I’m so excited! Onward and downward! Can’t wait to see where we’re at on April 20th, 2016.


30 Pounds Lost

As of my weigh-in today I’m down 30 pounds. 30 dumb pounds! I’ve got a long way to go. But, today I’m 30 pounds less than where I started. Here’s a pic of me from the week before I started keto and a pic of me today. I can totally see a difference. But. Still a lot to go. Gotta stay focused!


KCKO, right?

NSVs, SVs, Vs!

NSVs: So many nice things have happened to me that keep me focused on continuing with keto. I am *this close* to fitting into a pair of boots with jeans tucked in I bought last year that never did up. I get to wear loose sweaters in the fall, which has never happened before. My rings are going to fall off my fingers, Dave and I have plans to get new wedding bands on our 5 year anniversary but maybe we’ll have to move that up. Buying clothes has become not nearly as shitty, I get to shop in any store basically.

SVs: The scale has been so kind. I only weigh in on Fridays because my weight fluctuates around 2 – 3 pounds each week but I weight myself every morning. I’m so very close to be able to say I lost 30 pounds! The last 2 days I’ve been at the 30 pounds lost mark so I’m going to really focus on eating fat this week, hopefully getting to a proper 30 pounds lost!

2015-10-02 11.50.45 Screenshot 2015-10-04 15.40.22

Vs: Meal planning has been awesome for me. We make our meal plan on Sunday or Monday and we grocery shop Monday afternoon, before dinner. Knowing what we’re having for the week is so helpful. Going to the grocery store once a week has really been helpful, I hate grocery shopping. We have 18 more days until our cheat weekend, having cheat weekends is keeping me incredibly focused on not cheating during our “rounds” of keto.

Thanks, bacon and keto and Dave.

Weight Loss Isn’t Hard, Time Is

Boy, can I ever get down on myself. The last 3 weeks since cheat weekend I’ve been so down about dieting. I weighed in at 175.2 today, which means I’m down about 3 pounds since the Friday before cheat weekend but I’m still not satisfied. I actually feel fatter right now than I have in the recent past, despite weighing less. I’m not even down about Keto, Keto is going fine. We’ve really shaken up our menu the last few weeks and have been eating very well. As I’m writing this I’m eating scrambled eggs with cheese. I’m not giving up.

I’m down about weight loss in general. It takes such a long time! Dieting is not hard, all you have to do is say “no”. Time is what’s really hard. Time goes so fast and so slow all at once. I know, I know, I have nothing but time, but still! I’m so angry/upset/frustrated. I know I won’t give up and I know the scale will move and I know there will  be days or weeks like this where I just hate that I made myself fat and that I am now dealing with it, but still! I guess I’m mentally battling time more than I am mentally battling being on a diet. I guess that’s kind of progress, I could be mad I’m on a diet but really I’m mad that time hasn’t sped up so I can see what I’ll look like in 6 months.

Round 4

Keto round 4 started today. After our cheat weekend I am very excited to get back to it. I already have a wicked headache, mental fog and grouchy attitude, it’s weird how carbs can have such a shitty effect. I didn’t weigh in this morning but I did yesterday and I was up 4 pounds, of course it’s all water weight, but it’s still so annoying to see. I felt so bloated this weekend and I didn’t even really go crazy. I just ate normal sized meals that happened to have carbs in them. I missed fat a lot. And I also miss not feeling like garbage. As much as I like having cheat weekends, Keto is much more beneficial. Not only do I lose weight, I also don’t feel like such a massive bitch all the time like I do right now, coming down off my stupid carb high.

We’re doing 8 weeks of Keto this round because we have a trip planned at the end of October and I’d rather cheat on the trip than here.

I really hate going through Keto flu, it’s so gross. I’m lethargic and super angry, I’m basically no fun right now. Hurry up Keto adaption, I miss you.

Round 3

I’m done my third round of Keto as of this morning.  I started at 185.6 on July 27th and am currently 177.4! I lost just over 8 pounds in 6 weeks! That is a great weight loss amount. A pound a week is what I generally am aiming for so the extra 2 is like a free bonus! Our cheat weekend starts today and ends Sunday night and then I’ll be back on the Keto wagon for 8 weeks until our trip to Quebec City.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to Keto already and the cheating hasn’t even started. Round 3 has definitely been my most successful attempt at Keto. I think what made it particularly successful was meal planning. On Mondays we would go to the grocery store and get everything we needed for the week, which meant I was always concentrating on getting the proper fat/protein/carb ratio in my meals. Will absolutely be continuing with this method going forward.

C’mon round 4! Would love to be in the 160s by the time we leave for our mini trip!