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Couch to 5K 1:1 or How I Woke Up In The Morning Feelin’ Like P-Diddy

Last night, while laying around with Dave and the cats, I was excitedly telling him how we had booked the first of our 4 needed hotels for our trip to Italy in October. We’re spending the first 3 nights in Rome at a little B&B very close to the this and walking distance to most things Rome. Needless to say, I was pretty happy about it. Until I realized how much walking we’re actually going to be doing.

4 years ago Alana and I went to Scotland. I was in full workout mode back then and had no problem running (sometimes literally) around the country, looking at really cool things. I never felt out of shape the whole trip. It dawned on me that I would need to get back to that physical state in order to have the same level of fun in Italy that I had in Scotland.

So I got up and put on work out clothes and decided to start Couch to 5K again. 2 years ago I had completed the program and was regularly running 30 minutes every other day. I felt great, my legs were in great shape, I was never out of breath. I looked pretty OK, I thought. In 9 weeks I had lost close to 20 pounds. I watched what I ate, but wasn’t on a real diet of any kind, just moderation and eating slow and drinking lots of water and working out daily. I am STILL kicking myself for quitting after 3 months and gaining back all the weight. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So back to my triumphant return. I went outside to my rooftop running path (I have no excuses for not running, I even have a built in sponge path on a rooftop terrace), put on the app, stuck in my headphones and went for it.

Now, before I had started the app had asked if I wanted to upload a playlist that it would cycle through during the program, but I never keep music on my phone so I said no, seeing as how there wouldn’t be any songs anyway. It turns out I did have 1 song on my phone, which I had forgotten about completely and which then played for all 28 minutes and 30 seconds of the program: Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Weeks ago I had loaded it on there to bring to a wedding rehearsal and hadn’t bothered to take it off. Try imagining listening to Tik Tok 6 or 7 times in a row while a British voice tells you whether to run or walk at different intervals, all while your head phones keep cutting out and Ke$ha is blaring through your phone in your pocket.

I couldn’t stop laughing. If I didn’t know the words before (I did), I definitely know them now. So I finished Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5K. I’ve learned my lesson and will be putting on a real playlist. I can’t see myself not completing the program, since I did it once before, but I’ll be blogging my way through it this time just in case I need a kick from my readers not to quit (re: my mom).

Tik Tok – Ke$ha


I’ve been stalling writing this update. On Thursday I had some sad news. My grandmother, who had been battling ALS for many, many years took a turn. I went up to Sudbury and was able to say goodbye before she passed away on Wednesday.

I miss her already. Here is the eulogy I gave, in case anyone might be interested:

Ida Rose Cuomo was born in Sudbury on August 30, 1935.  She grew up in Sudbury, where she met Reginald Leon and in 1957 they were married. Together they had 5 sons. She worked at an A&P grocery store in the produce department. And did she know her produce. She loved her sons. She loved being a mom.

My sister Kryssie and I grew up at my Nan’s house. She would see us off to school and be waiting when we came home. She thought school was so important she once marched us the whole way there when we had accidentally missed our bus.

She loved to read. She would read whole books while “watching” Kryssie and I at swimming lessons, she was so nervous she wouldn’t look up the whole time. I think she enjoyed it a lot more once we stopped taking lessons and she started. In her 60s she joined an aquacise class and learned how to swim. She was fearless.

She was also a really great cook. There was always something to eat in her fridge and if you couldn’t find what you were looking for she would make you something else. I once asked her to give me her recipe for her spaghetti sauce. She tapped herself on the head as if to say “it’s all in here.” If she wasn’t home, you could always let yourself in with the key she hid outside and make yourself comfortable. Being at my Nan’s meant being at home.

In grades 7 and 8 I would stay at her house every Wednesday night for a sleep over. She would always have fettucini alfredo on the stove when I got there and then we’d watch TV together, always Oprah, the food network or the country music station, until she went to bed. I loved it.

I loved every part of my Nan. She was fun, she was kind, she was patient, even if my dad joked that she was just an old lady trying to get into heaven, I didn’t believe him. He swears the first stop at the grocery store when she took the boys shopping was the wooden spoon aisle. By the time she got to the checkout, there wasn’t one spoon left intact. But you try raising 5 boys! Can you blame her. She loved her family, she loved her boys.

She made you feel special. Like you had secret jokes that only the two of you knew about. She made you feel content. She made you feel loved.

There was a lot I didn’t know about her. She was full of surprises. I had no idea she could speak Italian until I was into my teens. She loved to travel. She had travelled to Italy alone, one of her first trips after my grandfather had passed away. He was always responsible for their trip footage and he took great pride in taking videos. But with him gone my Nan decided she would try her hand at it. The video was 25 minutes of watching a pair of feet walk around the Italian countryside, with someone off camera speaking in Italian the whole way. She had forgotten to turn off the camera and had wasted all the tape. After I stopped laughing I asked who was speaking Italian and she smiled and said it was her.

She could have lived to be 100 and I still don’t think she would have been able to tell me all her secrets. 2 years ago when I got engaged I told Nan the story. I had proposed to my now husband every night for a year until finally he proposed to me. Nan laughed, she used her letter chart to explain that she had asked my Papa to marry her. Her eyes smiled. She was a take charge kind of lady.

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote “the most important thing I learned was that when a person dies they only appear to die, they are still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly to cry at their funeral. All moments, past, present, and future always have existed, always will exist”.

Somewhere in the past I’m that 12 year old girl, coming home from school, excited to have fettucini alfredo and watch TV with my Nan.

I’ll miss you forever.


Have been swamped at work the last little while because of the inclement weather so haven’t been able to update the blog in the last week or so. Sorry, Mom! Dave and I keep making plans to go biking but every night it rains where we live so we end up walking instead. I’m just not ready to fall off my bike onto a slick road.

We also finished our Rocky marathon and now Dave is super into running. So we started running again. I downloaded a C25K app and plan on using it to complete the program again, when I get time. I’m just really busy every night it seems. But I’m still eating not terribly and I’m still making sure we walk to stores and are mindful of gas consumption and activity levels. I’ve spent more time outside this year than I have in previous years and I have a 2% tan!

This weekend my brother-in-law gets married in Ottawa. Sara and I are EMCEEing the event and we’re really excited. We think we’re hilarious. Last night we practiced on Matt and Dave but they didn’t care and ignored us. Then we choreographed a dance because we’re really very awesome. I was sweating by the end of the night from how many times we went over the 1 minute long routine that has no leg movements and is mostly arm movements. I can’t do both, I’m not a dancer. C’mon. I hope it works out, I think it could really be awesome if we nail it.

We hope to get the bridal party involved, we think it’ll really start the night off right if we do a funny routine, get every one motivated to dance. The last few weddings I went to no one danced. It’s super awkward when there is really loud music and everyone is sitting at tables, watching 4 people dance in a giant open space. I probably wouldn’t admit this in public but I love dancing. I’ll dance with anyone who wants a partner. Once at a wedding I jived with this 50 year old man and he was having such a great time he wouldn’t let me stop dancing. I swear we shut the wedding down together. I couldn’t move my feet the next day, I limped down the stairs in the most amount of pain. I never saw my dancing partner again, he just sorta vanished into the night, but the point is I love dancing. I dance in the shower when I’m bored. I dance in the kitchen when I’m cooking. I dance in my car. A lot. Like to the point where people have applauded in the car next to me when the song ended.