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5 weeks

I weighed in this morning. I am 191 on the nose. I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds since I started nearly 5 weeks ago. Monday week 6 will begin. I’m a bit worried because I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t be back until Wednesday. I’m going to still work out Monday and Tuesday while I’m away, but eating will be the thing I’ll have to keep in check.

My family really loves feeding me. I’ll have to remind myself with every meal that I’ve got to keep committed to my goals. And definitely avoid unnecessary snacking. Maybe I should set a reminder on my phone that goes off every 2 hours that says something like “Attention Fatty Fatty Boom Boom, are you making sure you’re not going over your calorie limit today? You’ve lost 8 pounds, do you really want to go backwards?” I’m not sure if that reminder can all fit on my screen but maybe!

This “vacation” will be a real test for me. It’ll be the first time I’m not at home where I can make great decisions because I don’t present myself with the choice to eat poorly. If I can come back from this trip and drop another pound by next Friday I’ll have considered myself extremely successful. Wish me luck!

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So last night Dave had some friends over to play MTG. Instead of sitting around watching them I decided to go for a second work out, I mean why not right? I started off at a decent walk pace and 5 minutes in I decided to run. I was never a great runner, but I’ve completed C25K twice so I know I *can* run when I want to.

I figured I’d give myself 1 minute to see how far I’d fallen since the last time I finished C25K which was almost a year ago. 1 minute felt OK so I went for 5. 5 felt really good so I went for 10. 10 turned into 20 minutes before I knew what was happening. I had to stop at 20 because I didn’t want to risk a strain, I had already swam for 65 minutes earlier that day. But 20 minutes felt great. Like really, really good. I could have continued for sure if it had been my only work out of the day and not my second.

My cardio must be ballin’, frankly. I wasn’t even winded, my breathing was good and steady. The nicest part is that I finally broke over the 2000 steps in 15 minute mark on Fitbit. I’d been trying to get 2000 steps/15 mins for a week. I guess all I needed to do was run for a bit to accomplish it.

I don’t know if I’m going to do 2 work outs a day very often, I really don’t want to hurt myself but a once a week run sounds kinda OK. I do not hate running. Am I a runner? Maybe.

I weigh in tomorrow. I’ve been cheating and weighing myself every day since Monday. Once you start losing weight it’s hard to wait a week between weigh ins.

Nearly done 5/52!

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More NSVs!

2 weeks have gone by since I wrote about my NSV’s. Here are some more!

1. The towel I use after swimming can be “done up” and doesn’t require me to hold it up any more.

2. The fruit and veggies I buy don’t go bad since I’m making a more conscious effort to eat the groceries we buy.

3. I’m getting really good at drinking water. Which sounds funny. But water was never my go-to bevvy of choice.

4. My bathing suit bottoms fit! (I need a new top, because the chlorine has made it look like a big tablecloth.)

5. I haven’t complained about getting up and working out in a while. I think I’m pretty used to it, in fact.

So, those are some new NSVs. Maybe in 2 weeks I’ll have a few more to add to this list. 2 days of working out left this week. Yay!

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1st Goal

Exercising and watching what I eat always makes me realize that I probably shouldn’t be ashamed to tell people what I weigh. If you’re working on something everyone will be excited when you reach your goal, even if you started off as a fatty-fatty-boom-boom like I did. It’s really hard for me to just say the number I started off at but I feel like it might keep me more accountable if I do. Even if the only person reading this is my mom and she already knows cause I literally tell her everything.

So, here goes. My starting weight just over 4 weeks over was 198.8. That wasn’t so bad. I mean people can clearly see what I weigh, so I’m not sure how not saying a real number pretends that they can’t see how fat I am. I’m proud of myself for losing 6 pounds already. My first weight goal that I set for myself is to get down under 190. I want to be able to share that success so saying how much I weigh will mean that much more when I get there.

When I stepped on the scale just after my birthday and saw 198.8 I was pretty devastated. I thought I was around 185-188, somewhere in that area. I guess I am really good at pretending my clothes don’t feel too tight. 6 pounds in 4 weeks is OK, I think. It sounds OK anyway. In 3 weeks time I’d love to hit my first goal and be 189. 3 pounds in 3 weeks sounds pretty doable considering how well I’ve already done. And now when I hit it, everyone who reads (my mom) will know how far I’ve come too.

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4 weeks!

I have finished week 4! 4/52! That’s not bad! This weekend my sister was visiting and since we never get time to hang out by ourselves we went to a bunch of places together. We ended up buying the same pair of running shoes, a pair Puma’s that had been marked down 70%. My sister swears she’s going to start working out again. The shoes I’ve been using are also Puma’s and I really like them, I wore them right out. I’m going to keep them for outside work outs when the weather starts cooperating.

My mom must be reading my blog because she bought me some new work out pants. I’m going up to visit in a few days so I’ll get them pretty soon. I’m excited. I’ve only lost 6 pounds but my shoes and pants are done and I’m glad I’m replacing them cheaply.

I think from the front I’m starting to look smaller, especially around my hips. Here is me in the work out room in my condo building. I just finished doing 15 minutes of core work and 68 minutes of cardio. My legs are sore. They’re still sore, in fact. Maybe in another 4 weeks I’ll take a similar picture to compare. 4 weeks for me to notice a difference, definitely. I am definitely seeing a difference. 8 weeks for my friends/family, right. 4 weeks to go, then.

2014-02-24 09.49.53I’m definitely craving food a lot less now. I don’t eat sugary stuff, I just haven’t bought it in weeks. Now that’s not to say I don’t want an entire white cake with chocolate icing, or a lot of candy and a slushie. I do, I really want those things. But I’ve gotten better at not wanting them. I eat way more fruit and veggies instead. I should eat way, way more veggies but one thing at a time. I don’t want to change so many things at once that I get extremely angry and stop what I’m up to. 

I have way more energy, except on Friday afternoons, which is when I catch up on sleep/let my muscles rest. Napping on Friday is my reward for making it through the entire week eating well and exercising.

Can’t believe I’m on week 5. I’d love to lose another 6-9 pounds over the next 4 weeks. I wonder if it’s possible. Don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit!

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20 days

Today marks work out day 20. Cool! Today was weigh in day, I’ve lost another lb. I had a bit of a freak out over it this morning because I want this process to hurry the fuck up. Total weight loss over 4 weeks has been around 6 pounds. Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so slow I’m going to start cutting the fat off myself with a knife soon to get the ball rolling.

I put in a good work out despite how mad I was that I hadn’t lost more than a pound since last week. Dave gave me a great pep talk beforehand. He said “How would you feel if you had gained 6 pounds instead?” Obviously I’d have felt really fucking shitty. “But you lost 6 pounds” he finished. It made me feel better. I really am changing, slowly. My bathing suit fits, for example. I bet that’s pretty good for 20 days of working out. It isn’t nothing, at any rate.

I know I’ve got a long way to go but 5 pounds a month is exactly what I need to get to my goal of 60 pounds in 12 months. It’s very doable it seems if I stick to this path and then push myself through plateaus, which are inevitable. I really am worried about quitting. Boy, that would be terrible and make all this work mean nothing.

My work out pants are over. After I got back up to my condo I threw them in the garbage. The hole in the leg/crotch had grown hilariously big, I think cause I did squats today. I’ll need to get new ones this weekend.

Can’t believe on Sunday I’ll be done 4/52. I worked out so hard I literally ripped a hole in my pants! Go me!


Tomorrow will be 4 weeks of working out Mon-Fri. 4 weeks! I never thought I’d last to tell you the truth. I just assumed after a few days of 0 weight loss I’d quit and be miserable again for a few more months. Instead I’ve stuck with the program I set out for myself pretty well. I’m burning around 500 calories a workout now, usually more, and I’m logging what I eat religiously. It’s really starting to pay off. Triumphs I’ve noticed:

1. I can do sit ups. Legit sit ups. Like actual, for real, sit ups. Obviously I don’t look anywhere near that smooth when I do them, but I can do like 11 in 30 seconds. Before I could only do crunches.

2. My spring jacket doesn’t pop out when I do it up. It was so nice yesterday that I had to wear it when I went out and even with a sweater underneath it fit pretty well.

I’m really excited about being done 4 weeks. I really am seeing a small difference. But that’s still a difference. Keep going!

It Takes 4 Weeks v2

Gym Clothes – Mirrors

My gym pants have a hole in the leg/crotch area. My shoe heels are worn. My shirts are fine, but quite the random assortment. My sports bras are funny but serviceable. All this to say, I think it’s time I traded in for better gym clothes. I wanted to wait until I lost the first 10 pounds to reward myself with new gym clothes, really I just want some new pants and running shoes. But 10 pounds might take another month and pretty soon I’ll have a pair of pants that is half shorts, that’s how big the hole is getting.

How do I convince myself to get the reward early? It feels like cheating. Maybe just buy some cheap pants and get the shoes at 10 pounds? Compromise? I’m not sure yet. I’ll see how my weigh in goes on Friday.

I went swimming this morning, normally I do 45 minutes but I’ve been upping my workouts to 60+ minutes a day so I swam for 60. About 30 of that was breast stroke and 20 was running, the other 10 was treading water, arm stuff, etc. Swimming day is my favourite work out day. I even check my pulse periodically to make sure I’m in the fat burning zone and not just floating around, being lazy in a pool at 8:30 am.

I would love to be down another pound on Friday. That would put me at 5 pounds in 4 weeks, which would be perfect. Today was the first day I looked in the mirror and noticed a difference. I definitely have lost inches. My stomach is not sticking out as far as it was 4 weeks ago. So far, so good!

1 LB At A Time

Weigh in day is coming up, just 3 more days until I see if working out for nearly 4 weeks has accomplished much. I certainly feel less fat, regardless of what the scale might say on Friday. I want to reward myself on Monday for sticking with this for 4 whole weeks, an entire month, essentially. I just don’t know what to reward myself with. If I’ve lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks and can maintain that then I will be at my goal in 11 months. I’d really love the scale to read 1 pound less than did last week, then I’ll have accomplished 5 pounds.

It doesn’t sound like a lot but 5 lbs can easily turn into 10 lbs in another month’s time and that would be great. Even weighing 10 pounds less would feel better than how I felt when I first started nearly 4 weeks ago. Not weighing myself obsessively is something I changed this time around. Losing 20 pounds a few years ago was great but it came at a mental health cost. I was worried about everything I ate, I was always on the scale. This time I’m really focusing on being happy while losing weight. Putting so much pressure on myself to lose weight quickly meant I burnt out by month 3. Being committed to losing weight feels different this time around. Maybe I won’t quit.

I really do just have to lose 1 lb at a time.

Double Days

Starting this week I’m going to do double work outs Monday and Wednesday. Monday’s I’ll just go for a walk after dinner, either on the treadmill or outside, and Wednesday’s I’m going to do Zumba. Since I don’t work out on weekends I’ll be up to 7 work outs a week, which sounds pretty good. If it goes well I’ll up it to 3 extra work outs a week instead of 2. The thing about starting to work out regularly is that you feel guilty when you aren’t doing some kind of movement to burn calories. It’s a bit addictive. A good kind of thing to be addicted to, I suppose.

Dave came with me to the gym this morning, I wish he could come with me every morning. I don’t need someone to talk to, I have eps. of Gossip Girl I watch while doing cardio, but I do like having someone to get up with and make me feel like I’m not the only person in the world who has to lose weight.

Eating has been going pretty well. It really helps to have weekends off. I log in to MFP every Saturday and Sunday to remind myself to make relatively smart choices but I don’t log.

I’m done 3/52. Hey, that’s almost 4. Don’t quit!!