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Staying Inspired

I’ve been thinking about making something visual to look at so when I feel like quitting or am having a shitty day I can look at it and see how far I’ve come. And how far I have to go. I know it’s important to be proud of what I’ve accomplished but I also think I shouldn’t forget what my end goal is. I want to lose 60 pounds (minimum).

I looked up ideas but didn’t really like any of the other ways to represent weight loss so I made up my own after wandering around in a Dollarama, picking things up and discarding them when new ideas popped into my head. Here is what I came up with, I call it a “fat-bacus”:

2014-03-30 12.43.55

I really like it. As I was making it I hated it completely and tried to quit a few times. I’m not great at the in-between in crafting. Making this sorta sums up my personality: I like to come up with ideas and I really love seeing outcomes but the middle is the worst for me.

I’m excited to use it to track my progress. I’m not going to lose 3 pounds at a time but sticking to this 1 pound a week loss should keep me happy enough. Those beads are very fun to slide. I’m thinking about glueing magnets on the back and sticking it on my fridge as a constant reminder that I’ve already come pretty far and blowing it for a little instant food gratification isn’t the best idea.

I also baked this weekend. And we tried several new recipes for dinner. On Saturday we had home made burgers, beet salad and deep fried pickles. On Sunday we had Thai tuna wraps and a lemon-zucchini loaf I made. 1979516_702057670230_475918467_n 2014-03-30 15.05.28

I was pretty satisfied with how much work Dave and I got done. I look forward to moving those beads and trying out more recipes. 9/52 done! Week 10 starts today. Week 10!

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Goal 3

I was 185.2 this morning. Which means I’ve already met goal 3. Down to 185. I’m proud but also feeling pretty meh about it. Maybe I’ll be more excited when 20 pounds are gone?

I’m very glad this work out week is done. It’s been a super annoying one, let me tell you. I just did not want to get up every morning and go to the gym for 90 minutes. I did it anyway. I just don’t have it in me to quit yet.

My friend Sam was in town so we went out last night. I tried to feel not guilty about having a cheat meal on a week day. Turns out I didn’t go over calories anyway even though I thought I had. I’ve lost very close to 14 pounds now. I’d like to be out of the 180s by the end of April. That would be great. Just 5 pounds a month is working out really well for me. I don’t feel starving, I still eat basically whatever I want, I’m just making sure to eat way more veggies over carbs.

We’ll see if by next Friday, which will be the end of week 10/52, I can crack 15 pounds lost. That would be pretty OK.

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60 Days

I have been working out/logging my calories for 60 days. In 60 days I’ve worked out at least 42 times. In 60 days I’ve lost 11 pounds. In 60 days I’ve fit into jeans that were once too tight. In 60 days I’ve developed a better relationship with food.

I’m pretty happy with the first 60.

Even though I didn’t want to work out today, or any day this week, I still did a really good cardio session and then the 30DS. Only 1 more day of work outs this week. I am going to have the best time this weekend not going to the gym!

I’m excited to see what the next 60 days will bring.

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I just am not into it this week. I’m eating fine, in fact I’m eating less than I should, I’m just not hungry. But I’m not working out as hard as I could be. I guess I’m bound to have weeks where I just don’t want to work out and need to figure out a way to push myself through. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some more weight because the Italy jeans now just fit, not snug, just plain fit. Like fit when I sit down even.

2 more days, that’s not so bad, 3 hours basically and I’ll be free of this shitty work out week. Boy, am I ever in need of some serious motivation right about now.

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Round 3: NSVs

It’s been about a month since I updated on my NSVs (non-scale victories). Here are a few others that I’ve noticed:

1. The jeans I bought in Italy fit-ish. I can get them on, do them up and walk around in them. Sitting is another story. When I bought them they barely fit, I’d say they are much better fitting now than in October when I wore them in Italy.

2. My winter jacket is looser, if I keep losing I definitely won’t be able to use it again next winter.

3. My winter boots (yes, it’s still so cold this spring that I’m in winter wear) aren’t tight on my calves.

I’m in week 9. I’m almost 1/2 way to the 1/2 way pounds lost according to my ticker below. I feel pretty good. It’s just too bad I really don’t want to work out any more days this week and still have 3 to go.

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The passing of Sunday meant I am now done 8/52 weeks of working out, eating better and logging everything. I’m pretty impressed. 11 pounds down. 11 pounds! I feel really good. Today was the first morning that I was pretty tired and not looking forward to working out but I went anyway. I’m not sure why this week feels harder than any other week but I can already tell I’m going to need a lot of encouragement to stay on track.

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I did it! I reached goal #2. I have lost 10+ pounds! My ticker says 11 because it’s closer to 11 than it is to 10 and they don’t know how to put decimal points in. I’ll take it. I am really, really happy about it. After not giving it my best effort for the last 3 weeks and missing a few work out days I’m happy to say I didn’t gain like I thought I would.

It also goes to show that you really can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your calorie deficiency and exercise. I am now 15 pounds away from what I remember my lowest weight to be, 173. Because that is a bigger goal I’m going to break it into bite sized goals so I don’t get discouraged.

Goal #3: Get down to 185. This is what I thought I was when I jumped on the scale 8 weeks ago and was sad that I guessed so wrong.

Goal #4: Down to 179. Out of the 180s. Permanently.

Goal #5: Down to 173. The big goal. Get down to the weight I was when I quit losing weight nearly 3 years ago. I’ve wanted to see this number on the scale for a long time.

So, there are my updated goals. I look forward to crossing them off and making new ones. Hopefully the next 8 weeks are just as fruitful as the last 8 have been. I feel pretty OK today.  :)

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Here’s a post.

That’s it for today.

I worked out earlier but then I ate the leftover shawarma plate so probably I can’t eat for the entire rest of the day. It’s been a weird 3 weeks.

Nearly done week 8.

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Going Up

I’ve “gained” .5 pounds since weighing in on Thursday last week. It’s obviously not real but seeing the scale going up and not down is really frustrating. I’m pretty sure it’s just from not having had enough water to drink in the last few days.



Weigh in on Friday this week; if I can get rid of those .5 pounds I’ll be satisfied.

I went for a quick swim today. Hopefully my parents and I can get out of the house. Stupid weather. Why’s it always winter!

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Changing Plans

This week I was going to get back on track with working out 90 mins. And then plans changed. My mom and step-dad got stranded an hour away from our house so I had to go and rescue them today.

So, this week I’ll try to work out 60 mins and log what I eat and then next week I’ll be back-back-back on track. I figure as long as I watch pretty carefully I won’t be setting myself back only doing 60 mins instead of 90.

This is week 8!! Yay!

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