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NSV’s To Make Me Feel Better About No SVs

Feeling kinda shitty this week because I have so far to go with weight loss. The scale number just has to go down forever and ever before I get to my goal. So, here are some NSV’s, to make me feel better.

1. My jeans are way too loose. I have to buy new ones soon. I’m very close to getting into jeans I bought 5 years ago but never fit into. I tried them on today and I can do them up but they’re slightly too tight. Another 10 pounds?

2. I went for a sauna after my swim. It felt great! Going to make this part of my routine. Have to remember to turn it on before my swim next week because it took forever to heat up today though.

3. I’ve learned to make a lot of neat dishes. Today I’m going to try and make green curry with chicken. Tomorrow either meatloaf with goat cheese or stuffed chicken. I’ve reignited my like for cooking.

4. When I start off the new Body Rev set of exercises I’m always incredibly sore for the next few days but by the end of the set (they take 2 weeks each) I find I can do the entire series without taking breaks or getting sore. I’m 2 days away from finishing week 4 and moving on to phase 2. Pretty happy about how I haven’t given up.

5. I don’t “feel fat”. I mean, I do. Some days I just feel tubby. But on the whole I don’t feel like someone who needs to lose weight any more. I want to continue so that I can get to a proper weight for my height but when I try on clothes or walk by a mirror I don’t feel like I’m too big for my skin, if that makes sense. It’s a nice feeling.

I really want to get down to 173 and make some new goals. Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have accomplished that. I think I’ll be most excited the day the scale hits 169. I don’t think I remember ever seeing the 160s on a scale. 2 days left to go this week. Can’t believe I’m already on week 14.

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Dave and I have been going for 30-60 minute walks after dinner for the last few weeks. I don’t count it as exercise because we don’t go very quickly but I still feel like they’re helping me to continue to lose weight consistently. We average about 4 a week and we usually go the same route.

Today I started C25K. I don’t know if I’m going to adhere to the program, I think I might just use it to get back into running. Since we’re doing all these walks I figured I might as well change my Tuesday and Friday gym work outs to include more running. I like running and the last time I combined running, 30DS and MFP I dropped around 20 pounds in 10 weeks. I don’t want to get stagnated and this week I feel like I won’t lose any weight so a change is in order. I’ll just swap out 30DS for Body Rev since that changes every 2 weeks. See if I can lose another few pounds before 100 days are up.

I’m noticing my jeans are becoming a lot looser. It’s weird to lose inches but not pounds. I figure I’ll probably need to buy new clothes around the 30 pound mark. My spring coat just looks too big now. I never managed to get to a weight where it fit properly. When I wear it now it feels like I’m wearing a tent. And when I do up the buttons I try to go way past where the button actually is because it doesn’t feel right when it hangs so loose.

I threw out a lot of old clothes last Friday and I tried everything I own on. A bunch of sweaters that used to make me look way too fat finally fit, but by the time winter comes around I suspect they will just be too big and I’ll have to get rid of them too (provided I stick to this and don’t just quit). I’ve had to remind myself a lot in the last 2 weeks not to quit. It’s getting harder to want to keep going, even though I’m losing weight pretty consistently. My goals just seems so far away and unattainable right now.

Weight loss is really hard, isn’t it. But when I look back I think pfft, 93 days of work isn’t that much and I’ve already lost 22 pounds. What’s another 93 days of work? If in another 93 days I can be down 44 pounds I’m going to be really satisfied. It’s just the interim where I feel like time isn’t moving and I’m accomplishing nothing that is hard to deal with I guess. 1 day at a time, and all that. It’s just frustrating that no one has seemed to even notice. How much weight does a person have to lose before they start looking different, I wonder? More than 22 pounds I guess.

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Week 13 – Weigh In

Weighed in today at 176.8. I’ll take it! Have lost 22 pounds in 89 days. I still feel very fat but I keep forgetting that I’m a really short person. At 4’11 I need to get down to around 140 to even begin looking less fat. But I’ve at least given myself a chance. If I can lose 22 pounds there’s no reason I can’t lose 44 pounds or 66 pounds. Check out my Fitbit graph! 2014-04-25 08.15.19Also, I got to move into the yellow beads today! Pretty excited about that. It’s cool to be on my third set and getting closer to 30 pounds.
2014-04-25 08.18.26I have to lose 3.8 more pounds to make it to Goal #5: 173 pounds. Then I’ll have lost 26 pounds total and get to make new goals!
3.8 pundsAnd now, on to the weekend, where I’m going to eat an Easter bunny and probably sushi and a banana split.

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1 More Day

Glad tomorrow is my last work out day this week. I started the week off so strong but am exhausted now. My limbs are going to fall right off my body.

I’m also feeling frustrated because even though I’ve lost 20 pounds I feel like no one, including myself, is noticing. I don’t necessarily need someone to be like WOW STEPH YOU’RE NOT AS FAT! but it would be nice to hear that I’ve at least changed somewhat. I think the problem is that I still feel very fat. I know I have 40 pounds to go and 40 is a heck of a lot, but I thought I’d feel different by now.

I don’t mind when I have clothes on, but when I don’t I feel just as fat as I did at 198.8. Weight loss is the most annoying thing. Nearly done 13 weeks and am still battling with the mental aspects of weight loss more than the physical ones. I wonder if that will ever change?

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Same Old, Same Old

Still plugging away at weight loss. Still losing consistently. Still mad at Jillian Michaels cause she’s always yelling at me.

Looking forward to weighing in Friday. Since I weigh myself every day (I know! but it’s impossible to stop, I have to keep making sure!) I know I could be down at least 1.5 pounds already. Would really like getting further away from the 180s!

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12/52 and Day 85

Today marks day 85, and Sunday marked the end of the 12th week, in my weight loss attempt. It occurs to me that in 85 days I’ve never explained my work out routine.

Monday: I do 65-70 mins on the elliptical. I change up the program so I don’t get bored doing the same one time after time. Weeks 1-10 I did a combination of Sworkit strength and JM’s 30 Day Shred, it just depended on what I felt like doing. In week 11 I started doing JM’s Body Revolution. It’s a 6 day a week program but I skip the Saturday cardio session and opt instead to go for a long walk.

Tuesday: I do 65 mins on the treadmill. Sometimes I run in intervals. I make sure to start at 5 kms/hour and go up from there, usually to around 6.5 if I’m running. I like doing a variety of the treadmill programs. Weeks 1-10 I did Sworkit yoga. In week 11, JM’s Body Rev and I still do the 15 minutes of yoga but I do it at night normally now.

Wednesday: I do 65 mins of swimming.  30 mins of breast stroke laps, 30 mins of arm/leg routine I made up for myself. 5 mins of ab stuff. Weeks 1-10 I did Sworkit strength. In week 11, JM’s Body Rev.

Thursday: Repeat Monday.

Friday: Repeat Tuesday.

During the week I go for walks, to get groceries, run errands, sometimes if I feel bored. JM’s Body Rev is a 13 week program, I started week 3 today, I’m really looking forward to finishing the first month.

I’m having a way better week and I’m not feeling as fatty boom as I did for the last 2 weeks. I’m so close to fitting into my old, old, old jeans. I’d say another 10 pounds and I’ll manage it. 6 weeks to go to the end of May. Going to really try hard to lose another 8-10 by then. But even 5-6 still means 1 pound a week loss and that would still be so great. I would be able to handle being down 26 pounds in 4 months. Sounds perfect, even.

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Goal 4 – Met

This morning I weighed in at 179.4. I met my 4th goal: to get into the 170s. I mean I’m barely in it, but there’s only down to go, right. Pretty cool!?

I’m about 6 pounds away from my 5th goal. I wonder how long that’ll take.

Here’s my vector:

Screenshot 2014-04-18 11.19.59

Very nearly done week 12. 20 pounds down in 12 weeks. That’s really good. I like seeing it go down.

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I’m having good workouts, I’m eating fairly well, I’m getting a lot of sleep. And still I feel like this week has been a waste weight loss wise. I should be very happy if all I accomplish is 1 pound weight loss but I don’t feel any different. In fact I feel kinda fat.

Well, 1 more day to go. If I get on the scale tomorrow and see the 170s I’m going to rejoice for about 15 seconds, and then go right back to being mad that losing weight takes effort, time and a lot of will power.

Try and remember this, Steph:


Whether I’m losing weight or not, I’m still doing really great things for my body in the long run.

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