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This week marks the start of week 25. Weeks 22-24 haven’t been amazing workout wise or eating wise but I think the break I took was needed. Back on track today. Going to do 100 days of something! Looking forward to dropping another 10 pounds. I like how much I’ve lost but am feeling fat again, so I know it’s time to get back into gear.

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I’ve been absent the last 2 weeks, we moved, we got set up, we started jobs. Yep, even me, I started a job. 5 days a week. No, for real.

When we decided to move back to Sudbury Krys, Jon and I discussed whether or not it was feasible for me to take over watching Maddy during the day. We agreed and I took over starting July 7th. Today starts our second week together. maddymeIt has been fun, and challenging, and interesting, and lots of other stuff. Maddy is about to turn 3 so she never stops talking. Or singing. Or moving.  I try to take her outside a lot when the weather is good. We paint nails, play playdoh, go to the library. Lots of stuff. Basically whatever we feel like doing, we do. 

maddyactionI really enjoy my new career? Or whatever you call it. I’m looking forward to the year we spend together, hanging out, until she goes to school and then I’ll probably miss her every day.

maddydaveI am back to watching what I eat, logging it all on MFP and starting tonight I’m back to exercising daily. I had a nice 2 weeks of not worrying too much about any of that so I could focus on moving and such. Now that we’re basically settled, basically all unpacked and making pies, I can finally get back to my goal. pieI’ve decided not to weigh in until the end of August. I’m giving myself a lot of weeks to get back into it without worrying so much about the scale, which I think I thought about too much the first part of my weight loss.

So, I’m looking forward to updating daily again, likely always about Maddy now (hah).

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