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Veal Involtini

When we visited Rome a few years ago we all agreed the best meal we had was at Taverna Romana. Alana and I both had carbonara while Dave had involtini in a red sauce. When I saw we haven’t shut up about our meals for the last 3 years I’m not even kidding. It maybe was the only time I forgot to take a picture before we ate because we were too busy wolfing our food down.

This weekend I decided to give involtini a try, as much as I’d love to make a carbonara I need to work on making it a bit more keto-friendly. Here are the veal involtini steps I did:
2016-02-28 10.26.41
Ingredients: veal scallopini, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, various spices of your choosing, basil leaves.
2016-02-28 10.28.29
I started by laying out the veal on a cutting board.
2016-02-28 10.30.12
I layered a slice of prosciutto on each piece of veal, where it overhung I just folded it over.
2016-02-28 10.31.37 2016-02-28 10.34.05 2016-02-28 10.35.26
I layered basil leaves very thin slices of mozzarella cheese and spices (I used salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, oregano, garlic powder).
2016-02-28 10.36.40 2016-02-28 10.41.34
I rolled up each piece and then wrapped two pieces of twine around each one.
2016-02-28 11.10.16 2016-02-28 15.38.03
I dredged them in carbalose flour.
2016-02-28 15.39.00
Then made a quick sauce using sausages I uncased and a spaghetti sauce that is relatively low carb.
2016-02-28 15.45.28
I fried them in olive oil on both ends and then on all sides for a few minutes then put them in a pan that I had transferred the sauce into earlier.
2016-02-28 15.47.43 2016-02-28 15.50.16
I topped them all with extra sauce and mozzerella cheese. Then baked them in the oven at 375 for 25 minutes.
2016-02-28 16.20.55 2016-02-28 16.38.04
Dave made a tiny charcuterie plate to go with it. I was happy they stayed so well rolled! Just don’t forget to cut the twine off!

Valentine’s Day Art

We had a nice little Valentine’s Day a few weeks ago: Dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, non-Keto treats, laying around = pretty great. We don’t normally get each other anything but I’ve been itching to do something art-y and figured this was a pretty good time to do some mushy art-ing.

I had pinned this tutorial awhile back and originally thought I’d make a long rectangular Clarke sign but couldn’t figure out where I’d put something like that so I held off. I had also seen this at some point and liked the idea, so I kinda combined both of them to make something relatively easy but very Valentine’s-y without it being too Valentine’s-y to be out all year.

Here’s what it ended up coming together as:

2016-02-12 22.37.42 Dave liked it, he swore!

To make it I bought  2 pack of cork-board at Dollarama, a pack of different coloured thread and I already had the pins from my Christmas Ornament Ball project I did a few years ago.  So it costs be about $4 to make it.

I started by gluing the two pieces of cork together and painting it white with acrylic. I did two coats of paint. Once dried (I used a hair dryer because I’m so impatient), I attached my letters with tape. I sorta eyeballed how big the letters had to be and printed them off one at a time. I think I’d pick a different font if I did this again because Times New Roman has really skinny parts which don’t really lend themselves to stringing thread between it turns out.

2016-02-12 20.24.56

After they were glued down I started to pin around them. I’m not sure how far apart the pins were, I just eyeballed that too, I’m very profesh about art. I figured it they were too far apart I wouldn’t be able to get very many “strings” but if they were too close together I’d be at it forever.

2016-02-12 21.18.47 2016-02-12 21.02.41

I pulled the letters off after all the pins were on, and then I started to string the thread.

2016-02-12 21.38.51 2016-02-12 22.07.49 2016-02-12 22.20.49 2016-02-12 22.37.42

It was slow going and I had to repeat so many times because the thread just sorta slips off if you’re not careful, or gets tangled in the pins. There are many things that can go wrong but if you tie it on at one end and then loop it twice around most of the pins it tends to stay on so much better. I went over a few parts that I thought weren’t string-y enough and I’d say it took me about 30-45 minutes per letter depending on how much I screwed up or how intricate the letter was (the E took way longer than the heart, for instance).

2016-02-12 22.40.26-2

I’m going to put a cheap border on it somehow, at 12 by 12 it’s an awkward thing to frame, but I’ll think of something, and then I’ll put it on a wall, one of many I now have to fill because buying a 3 storey house means I have 50000 places to put art!

Stay The Keto Course

Sometimes I think keto isn’t working. I’ve been at this nearly 10 months now and I’m down around 40 pounds but for the last 2 months I haven’t lost a damn thing. Obviously I want to blame keto because it’s the easiest thing to blame but when I really thought about it this past weekend I realized it’s not keto’s fault I’m not losing weight like I was, it’s my own fault.

Once you lose a bunch of weight it’s so easy to slip back into old habits, so even though I haven’t been cheating on keto I haven’t been giving it 100%. Too much protein and too many calories are still something I need to be thinking about daily. This week I gave up diet pop and have been logging my food on MFP. I’ve been going for walks but I’d also like to get back into some sort of fitness, I’m thinking WiiFit. Back to basics. I still have a long way to go to losing all the weight I want but I haven’t gained in 2 months and that’s pretty great. I’m going to stay the keto course and see how well I do in the coming 9 weeks as I circle in to my 1 year keto-versary!