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Next Cheat Weekend: A Biggie

I made it into the 150’s before we had our Easter cheat weekend and was pretty excited about it. So now that I’ve gained the water weight and am getting back into the 160s I’m so mad. Which brings me to when we’re going to cheat again: when I get into the 140s. It’ll be a long go, probably a few months, but I really want to see a change and figure I have to give keto a chance to make a difference like it has in the past. So, keto cheat: sometime in the 140s. Whew, here we go.


Hello readers.

Boy am I having a tough morning. I woke up so down about weight loss today, I’m having a hard time picking myself back up. I don’t know if I should start logging my weight every day so I have a better understanding of what my loss vector looks like or if I need to start taking measurements? I want to be happy I’ve lost 42 pounds but today I just see the other 20+ I have to go and it’s making me so sad.

What do I do differently? So frustrated today.

1st Goal Weight Met!

I finally hit my 1st goal weight. I set 160 as my goal weight on my FitBit way back in 2013 when I first got the device. It’s crazy to think how close I was in 2014 to my goal, just 9 pounds away, when I gave up and packed the weight back on over the course of a year or so.

Today when I stepped on the scale I was really overcome with emotion, it read 160.0, a weight I just assumed I’d never be able to reach. It’s not easy losing weight, except that it’s incredibly easy if you focus on it daily. By changing the way I eat and how I view food I’ve managed to lose 42 pounds (and let’s be honest it’s likely I lost closer to 50, I really should have weighed myself that first week we started keto).

I’ve gone on the occasional walk but as far as working out I’ve done very little of it. My previous weight loss attempts always included killing myself at a gym, but not this time. It’s so much easier for me to just say no to food and wait for cheat weekends (and complain) than it was for me to do low calorie + gym. I’ve lasted at least 6 months longer doing keto than I have doing any other weight loss regimes. So, 160 is a huge SV for me and I can’t wait to get into the 150s.

But things other than the scale are prompting me to continue on keto too. NSV’s are awesome. I put on my bathing suit a few days ago and it’s actually loose. All my coats are now quite big on me, even my Fall jacket from a few months ago seems maybe too big to wear for Spring. I’d love to say I’ve always been happy about my body but the more weight I lose the more I realize I wasn’t. I kinda like looking in the mirror now, and I’m not afraid of trying on clothes. Those are really big deals; bigger even than what the scale tells me.

I know I have around 20 more pounds to lose, and even then I might want to lose more, but I can see it now. I’m going to accomplish it. I just need to do it a day at a time and keep keto-ing and keep scheduling my meals and keep having planned cheat weekends to look forward to. I’ll get there, like I’ll for real get there. It’s sorta just dawning on me now and I’m really enjoying the feeling.

40 Pounds Gone!

Damnnnnn Steph! Back at it again with the pounds gone! Am thrilled to be down more than 40 pounds in 10 months. Even with my 2 month lazy keto I still am 40 pounds less than I was last April. The last few weeks I’ve been logging my food and walking a lot more, mostly because I have to go to a job every day that keeps me on my feet most of the time. In less than 2 months it’ll be our one year keto-versary. That’s so crazy, I can’t believe we’ve kept this up for a year! Go us!
fatsteph April 2015, around 205/8 pounds
2016-02-27 10.44.48 February 2016, 162 pounds