Monthly Archives: January 2017

Weekends Away/Birthdays

I’m starting my 5th week of keto since we took our 6 week break at the end of last year and I feel great about it. One thing I struggle with is travelling while keto. When we go on long vacations I tend to eat whatever I want and not think about getting knocked out of ketosis because I know when I get back I’ll start over again without much problem. Those planned vacations aren’t the problem I’m talking about. My problem is with unplanned short weekend away, especially without Dave.

This past weekend I went away unexpectedly to hang out with friends. I decided before I left that I would stay keto because I want to go 8 weeks before we go on our cruise where I *might* not eat keto (haven’t yet decided). I was really happy with myself for sticking to my decision this weekend. I still ate delicious stuff but I modified it all to fit into keto and I was rewarded by going down on the scale when I got back home. The more I stay keto on vacations/weekends away the more I realize I can do it long term without so many cheats.

My other problem on keto is special occasions. My birthday fell during the 3rd week of keto and at first I was going to eat pizza and have cake but I decided I didn’t want to break keto so early and to eat things I had just eaten a month before anyway.  Dave and I went for bunless burgers and he made me the best keto cake. I was really happy with my birthday and am glad my willpower and I are getting along famously.

Keto (and life) is work. And lately I’m putting in a lot of work and it’s really paying off. Sticking to my diet makes me focus more clearly on my other goals. Win/win!

New Year, Same Goals, Different Goals

It’s January 2017! I started this blog 4 years ago, and while I haven’t posted as consistently as I wished I had, I love having this archive to look back on. I’ve accomplished a lot and I’ve failed a lot. List time!

Some things that happened in 2016, in no particular order:
1. Boston trip
2. Europe trip
3. Nonnie passed away
4. Started a new job
5. Elodie was born and we’re adding 2 more nieces or nephews to our ever growing list in 2017

Some things I wish I had done better:
1. Sticking to working out. I crushed 9 weeks worth of gym time last year but then stopped completely in October. Oops!
2. Keto. While I was in ketosis most of the year I did slide back into old eating habits twice for a month or so each time. Cheat weekends are great and I can bounce back from those pretty quickly but a whole month of cheating can’t happen again.
3. House projects. I don’t think we accomplished any of them, BUT we did pay back a substantial loan down payment and we’re really happy about that.

Some things I excelled at:
1. Losing weight. I’ve lost and kept off 50 pounds. I’ve got more to go, but I’m so proud of myself.
2. Reconnecting with people. I’m texting more, I’m calling more, I’m endeavoring to go out more.
3. Reading. I read a lot this year, and went to the library monthly.
4. Nails. I did my nails a bunch and am still really enjoying my hobby.

Goals for 2017:
1. I want to lose 30 more pounds this year and am going to continue to do Keto.
2. Get serious about working out. 4 times a week for an hour isn’t that much.
3. Size 6 by August. It’s a massive goal, but I was recently asked to stand in my friend’s wedding and I’m so excited!
4. Blog more. I can at least attempt once a week.
5. Little keto project Dave and I have on the side. Would love to start recording our podcast and blogging more there.
6. House projects. Ideally I’d love to do either my closet or the laundry room reno.
7. Learn Italian. A lot of the people who come to my office speak Italian and I would really love to learn another language.
8. Travel. We have an upcoming cruise in March but we’d also love to go to Japan.

I’m really looking forward to 2017. I’m sure I’ll fail some of the goals, but writing them down seems like a great first step in keeping them at the forefront of my mind.

I’m gonna just get working and see where 2017 leads.