Jillian Michaels & Body Revolution

Body Revolution is a killer these days. I’m in week 10 right now and every workout is tough.  I can’t wait to be done in 3 weeks time.

So how does Body Rev work? Body Rev is broken down into 3 phases, with 4 week intervals to each. The first 2 weeks of each interval you do one set of exercises, the last 2 weeks of each interval you do another set and so on. There are 12 workout phases and 3 cardio phases total. Right now I’m doing workout phases 9-10 and cardio 3. It’s all exhausting. After this week I have 3 weeks to go (they make you do the last 2 phases and cardio for 3 weeks instead of the regular 2 to get you to 90 days, why it can’t just be 12 weeks and not 90 days is beyond me).

I really want to finish it but it’s getting so terrible! 2 more days this week and I’m onto my last phase. I want a big reward after I finish this. Like a buffet, or 2 buffets. Maybe 3.

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