Weight loss is funny. While you’re dieting┬áday to day you feel like you aren’t really accomplishing anything, the scale might go down a teeny, tiny bit, but overall you still feel like change just isn’t happening. I think it’s important to remember just how much work is actually being accomplished every time you don’t cheat on your diet, or you get the initiative to do some sort of workout.

On June 15th I weighed 190.8 pounds. I remember feeling like that was going to be it, I would just stall out at that weight and I’d never lose anymore. But here we are, 2 months later, and I’m currently 183 pounds. I am steadily losing 1 pound a week and I’m complaining about it because the big picture gets covered by the little every day picture, and the little every day picture has such minimal change that it’s easy to be frustrated by.

I have no reason to quit what I’m doing, I just have to remember that on June 15th I weighed 190.8 pounds and by June 15th next year I *could* be much, ┬ámuch lighter, as long as day-to-day I don’t get down about how slowly the changes happen. Sometimes it’s smarter to look back instead of worrying about going forward. Sure I have 40 pounds to go, but I’m also down 20, and that’s something awesome!

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