Round 3

I’m done my third round of Keto as of this morning.  I started at 185.6 on July 27th and am currently 177.4! I lost just over 8 pounds in 6 weeks! That is a great weight loss amount. A pound a week is what I generally am aiming for so the extra 2 is like a free bonus! Our cheat weekend starts today and ends Sunday night and then I’ll be back on the Keto wagon for 8 weeks until our trip to Quebec City.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to Keto already and the cheating hasn’t even started. Round 3 has definitely been my most successful attempt at Keto. I think what made it particularly successful was meal planning. On Mondays we would go to the grocery store and get everything we needed for the week, which meant I was always concentrating on getting the proper fat/protein/carb ratio in my meals. Will absolutely be continuing with this method going forward.

C’mon round 4! Would love to be in the 160s by the time we leave for our mini trip!

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