Round 4

Keto round 4 started today. After our cheat weekend I am very excited to get back to it. I already have a wicked headache, mental fog and grouchy attitude, it’s weird how carbs can have such a shitty effect. I didn’t weigh in this morning but I did yesterday and I was up 4 pounds, of course it’s all water weight, but it’s still so annoying to see. I felt so bloated this weekend and I didn’t even really go crazy. I just ate normal sized meals that happened to have carbs in them. I missed fat a lot. And I also miss not feeling like garbage.¬†As much as I like having cheat weekends, Keto is much more beneficial. Not only do I lose weight, I also don’t feel like such a massive bitch all the time like I do right now, coming down off my stupid carb high.

We’re doing 8 weeks of Keto this round because we have a trip planned at the end of October and I’d rather cheat on the trip than here.

I really hate going through Keto flu, it’s so gross. I’m lethargic and super angry, I’m basically no fun right now. Hurry up Keto adaption, I miss you.

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