Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I complain about weight loss not being linear enough for me basically every day (sorry, Dave!) but since I started taking measurements and working out Mon-Fri I’ve lost a few inches from all over my body. So while the scale might not be moving, I’m moving.

I finished the 30 Day Shred for the first time this past Monday. I’m really proud of myself. While I don’t really think it’s a very hard program, finishing it proved I can stick with something and that seems pretty major.

I like that while I’m not budging the scale, I am changing my attitudes about weight loss and exercise. I can’t imagine ever getting back up to 202 (or 217) pounds. I like trying on clothes, and I like not *feeling* overweight. I’m getting way more comfortable in my own skin. Finally. At 31 years old.

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