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In January 2013, a few days before I turned 28, I started this blog. I wanted it to be a space where I could write down my frustrations and triumphs while I lost weight. I can’t say that I was always committed to weight loss or that it was an easy journey. I gained weight after I lost a significant amount more than once. It hasn’t been a linear process but it has been worth it.

My first post on this blog was about a pair of pants from Garage. I haven’t been able to buy anything in Garage for many years. Even if I could squeeze into an XL, any article of clothing always looked like pretty terrible.   In the last few weeks we’ve been shopping for clothes for our upcoming Europe trip and I always grab XL first, because in my mind that’s still what I am. He has consistently reminded me over the last few weeks that I am a Medium currently but I never believe it.

Today Dave dragged me into Garage to look for a winter coat. I tried to tell him I still couldn’t fit in any Garage apparel but he insisted. I’m glad he did. This is my new winter jacket, from Garage, in size Medium.

photogrid_1475960976434 2016-10-08-16-11-16

And for comparisons sake, on the left is the jacket I wore in Italy 3 years ago today, and on the right the exact same jacket today.


I’m not an XL anymore. I’m not even an L. I’m firmly planted in the M section of stores and I am so happy about it. I still need to lose a little more weight but for right now, I am crushing it and so proud of myself. I have had a lot of failures. I have had a lot of successes. And I am so glad I never gave up and I kept blogging it all. I got working, Steph.



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