Weekends Away/Birthdays

I’m starting my 5th week of keto since we took our 6 week break at the end of last year and I feel great about it. One thing I struggle with is travelling while keto. When we go on long vacations I tend to eat whatever I want and not think about getting knocked out of ketosis because I know when I get back I’ll start over again without much problem. Those planned vacations aren’t the problem I’m talking about. My problem is with unplanned short weekend away, especially without Dave.

This past weekend I went away unexpectedly to hang out with friends. I decided before I left that I would stay keto because I want to go 8 weeks before we go on our cruise where I *might* not eat keto (haven’t yet decided). I was really happy with myself for sticking to my decision this weekend. I still ate delicious stuff but I modified it all to fit into keto and I was rewarded by going down on the scale when I got back home. The more I stay keto on vacations/weekends away the more I realize I can do it long term without so many cheats.

My other problem on keto is special occasions. My birthday fell during the 3rd week of keto and at first I was going to eat pizza and have cake but I decided I didn’t want to break keto so early and to eat things I had just eaten a month before anyway.  Dave and I went for bunless burgers and he made me the best keto cake. I was really happy with my birthday and am glad my willpower and I are getting along famously.

Keto (and life) is work. And lately I’m putting in a lot of work and it’s really paying off. Sticking to my diet makes me focus more clearly on my other goals. Win/win!

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