C25K 6:1 / Pounds

I am so tired of stepping on my scale. Whenever it doesn’t budge downward I get very sad. I know it’s very unrealistic to lose 1 pound a day but when you’re trying as hard as I am you want instant gratification or you’re going to just quit altogether.

I’ve worked out 8/9 days. I think that might be too many days, but not working out for even 1 day feels like a massive cheat to me. Tonight instead of working out fairly hard I’m going to go for a walk. I started week 6 on C25K. It’s the last week where you get to have walk intervals. I really like walk intervals, it makes everything go so much faster. I think after proving to myself that I can do all 9 weeks I’m going to go back to repeat weeks that I liked. Intervals seem to be the best way to get fit and take off weight. A constant fluctuation in heart rate is key. Or something. I don’t really know, I’m just going by what Pinterest has told me.

Last night I went to my favourite sushi place and had 2 rolls. My food came way after Dave’s which felt like I was being tested by the weight loss gods. I was so hungry after having burned 600 calories. Dave told me not to worry so much about what I’m eating that I go crazy, and I’m trying hard to remember that, but with every bite I worry I’m undoing all the work I’ve done. Is this what being on a diet means? You go mental counting calories and factoring in work outs? Sad. It’s not like I’m hungry, I just feel guilty every time I think about eating a second piece of toast. How do people avoid eating disorders when trying to get healthy? My fitbit tells me I’ll have reached my first goal by November 8th, 2013 if I keep at the same level of diet/fitness. That’s 9 weeks away! Sigh. I end a lot of these updates with sighs, nowadays.

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