Goal 3

I was 185.2 this morning. Which means I’ve already met goal 3. Down to 185. I’m proud but also feeling pretty meh about it. Maybe I’ll be more excited when 20 pounds are gone?

I’m very glad this work out week is done. It’s been a super annoying one, let me tell you. I just did not want to get up every morning and go to the gym for 90 minutes. I did it anyway. I just don’t have it in me to quit yet.

My friend Sam was in town so we went out last night. I tried to feel not guilty about having a cheat meal on a week day. Turns out I didn’t go over calories anyway even though I thought I had. I’ve lost very close to 14 pounds now. I’d like to be out of the 180s by the end of April. That would be great. Just 5 pounds a month is working out really well for me. I don’t feel starving, I still eat basically whatever I want, I’m just making sure to eat way more veggies over carbs.

We’ll see if by next Friday, which will be the end of week 10/52, I can crack 15 pounds lost. That would be pretty OK.

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