Sometimes when you least expect it encouragement has a way of finding you. After weighing in last Friday and having no loss I went to do my workout. I was kinda bummed. It was the first week I didn’t get to move the beads or change my weight on MFP. After my workout the cleaning lady, who I see every day while I’m working out, stopped to say that she’s impressed at how hard I am working and she thinks it’s great. Thanks lady! I needed that. If a (basically) stranger is seeing changes in me, maybe I’m doing something pretty good.

It was needed. I’ve been feeling like I’m falling off the wagon even though I’m still working out 5 days a week and logging what I eat. I feel like it’s all for nothing. It’s a weird feeling, to keep pursuing something even if you’re not seeing the results. I have to remind myself that even if the scale doesn’t budge from one Friday to the next doesn’t mean I’m not still changing. If the cleaning lady has noticed my efforts maybe I should notice them too.

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