Weigh In Week 17 – One Day Early

My dad and uncle are visiting today and leaving Sunday so I decided to weigh in today instead of tomorrow in case I don’t get a work out in on Friday. Plus it’s been 2 weeks, so might as well. I’m down to 172.2. I’ve passed my goal of 173.0. I’m thrilled. Goal 5 is met.

I’ve updated my Fitbit weight goal, it’s now 160. Little steps, right. I even tried on the GAP jeans I’ve been carting around for 5 years which never fit. I did them up today. They aren’t a great fit yet but it’s certainly a lot of progress. I figure another 5 pounds and I can wear them properly. 27 pounds gone now. Weird.

weight loss 172


fatbacusSo, new goals are in order! Very exciting!

Goal 6: 169
Goal 7: 168.8 (30 pounds down)
Goal 8: 165

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