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NSVs, SVs, Vs!

NSVs: So many nice things have happened to me that keep me focused on continuing with keto. I am *this close* to fitting into a pair of boots with jeans tucked in I bought last year that never did up. I get to wear loose sweaters in the fall, which has never happened before. My rings are going to fall off my fingers, Dave and I have plans to get new wedding bands on our 5 year anniversary but maybe we’ll have to move that up. Buying clothes has become not nearly as shitty, I get to shop in any store basically.

SVs: The scale has been so kind. I only weigh in on Fridays because my weight fluctuates around 2 – 3 pounds each week but I weight myself every morning. I’m so very close to be able to say I lost 30 pounds! The last 2 days I’ve been at the 30 pounds lost mark so I’m going to really focus on eating fat this week, hopefully getting to a proper 30 pounds lost!

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Vs: Meal planning has been awesome for me. We make our meal plan on Sunday or Monday and we grocery shop Monday afternoon, before dinner. Knowing what we’re having for the week is so helpful. Going to the grocery store once a week has really been helpful, I hate grocery shopping. We have 18 more days until our cheat weekend, having cheat weekends is keeping me incredibly focused on not cheating during our “rounds” of keto.

Thanks, bacon and keto and Dave.

Cheat Weekend!

Dave and I had our cheat weekend last weekend. 3 days of eating basically whatever we felt like! Here’s a list of all the things we had (more or less): pizza (x2), milkshakes, chocolate bars, pasta, creme brulee, homemade pretzels, beer, sushi and donuts. Turns out this is what we had likely been eating when we weren’t focusing on low carb/no sugar. No wonder we both got fat!

All the weekend gluttony saw meĀ gaining 3 pounds, and Dave gaining 9. We’ve both nearly lost the “weight” we put on during cheat weekend, so a 3 day turnaround is pretty quick. It was nice to take a break, it reminded us of how fast you can put on weight when you think you’re just eating normally and packing in the “bad” stuff. Next cheat weekend is in 6 weeks, can’t wait to see how much we’ve lost by then.