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Again, again.

Why can’t I stick to a goal? I seem to always start off with so much energy and by the end of the first month I’m burnt out. In February I was really committed to working out each day but I didn’t focus nearly enough on how I was eating. I think this resulted in, well, no results. My legs and arms were becoming weirdly strong, but I wasn’t losing any weight in my stomach. I got so bored doing 30 Day Shred every single day, that I just gave up after completing 26/30 days. Last night I had another classic meltdown over how I look in clothes, sans tears at least, so I took that to mean that I need to start again, again. Again.

Summer always makes me do this to myself. Bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, dresses, skirts. I feel funny in all of them. I really doubt people are actually looking at me, but I’m always conscious of my gut, my thighs, my fat upper arms. It’s really hard to be overweight when you don’t want to be. I wish I could really love myself, but I’ve always had a hard time with it.

The new plan involves a lot of planning. Writing down 1 week in advance all the things I want to accomplish and all the meals I’m going to consume. 2 planned cheat days a month, very minimal eating out, working out once a day doing various activities.

The first thing I have to do is walk more. I don’t walk nearly enough. I live really close to 2 grocery stores and loads of parks. I could be walking every day if I had the motivation. I hesitate to be one of those people who write these really lofty goals on their blog instead of just getting out and doing it, but blogging is one of the reasons I stuck with the Shred so long in the first place, so blogging will have to be integral to the new, new, new, new plan.

The second thing I have to do is find my workout pants. A few weekends ago I went pole dancing for my soon to be sister in law’s bachelorette party. I’m pretty sure I left my pants on the floor at the studio. They were way too long anyway, but I’m down a set of work out pants which sucks.

I made a really ugly planner for myself for this week, I laughed when I was done it. I’ll need to get a real one and put it up in my house where I can shame myself into looking at it and sticking to it. The planner is for 1 week intervals and I’m going to cross out the meal/activity as I complete it to see at the end of each week where my problem areas are/what I need to change the following week. I’m also going to set an extra small goal for myself every day, which doesn’t necessarily need to be work out or food related. I’m also considering putting the plan up on this site so all my readers (my mom) can follow along with my progress.

I’m not sure how effective this again, again plan will be, but I’ll see how it goes. I’ve told Dave if this one doesn’t work out I’m going to hire him to be my food slapper and he can follow me around, slapping the food out of my hands/mouth.

Here’s week 1:

week 1 - june 10 - 16 plan