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I Used To Like Keto.

I’m down another pound since my weigh in last Friday and have been straight keto for just over 6 weeks. It isn’t the longest I’ve keto-ed consecutively but it is the first time I’ve managed a long stretch with no cheat weekend in the near future to keep me going.

Our next cheat weekend isn’t until we go to Boston in July, another 8 weeks away, and by that time I want to be in the 140s because I know that all the walking we’ll be doing there will negate all the food I plan on eating. When we have cheat weekends at home we don’t up our exercise so I tend to stay “up” for a while longer than I should. After we got home from Europe last year I lost the 8 pounds I gained in 3 days because we were so active the whole time we were away.

The last couple of days I haven’t eaten past dinner either, which I think is helping. Dave has been eating buns and donuts a little more often than he has in the past, but he has maintained his goal weight for 7 months now, and he’s acting as our guinea pig so I don’t mind.

I’ve gotten a lot more confident lately. Obviously this is a direct correlation to losing weight and a happy outcome. I like trying things on now, I used to dread that kind of thing. When I was much more overweight than I am now I stuck to leggings and hiding behind sweaters. I don’t know why I thought that would conceal how I looked, it certainly didn’t. And it also didn’t conceal how horrible I felt. I hated being really fat. It’s awesome that others can be so proud of their bodies at any size but I’m not that person. When I was very, very fat I cried a lot. Now that I’m 46 pounds less I haven’t cried in months over my weight or appearance. In fact, I’m starting to really like the way I look. I still have another 30 pounds to go before I’ll be in a healthy weight for my height but as I inch towards that goal I feel better and better about myself. 

I’m proud of the way we eat. Aside from diced tomatoes that we occasionally use in chili, we haven’t touched canned food in about a year. We never have meat or veggies go bad anymore, and we’ve cut down on how much garbage we throw out every week. In restaurants we aren’t afraid to ask for bun-less items, veggies to go with spinach dip instead of pitas, side salads without croutons. Whatever meets our way of eating. I’ve stopped feeling like people are judging me and started to embrace the way I eat.

So, yeah, I used to like keto, but after one year and one month, I really love it. I don’t want to stop. And I’m so glad I started on this journey and worked through all the times I doubted it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 12.26.16 PM

Down 46 pounds, inching closer to goal weight number 2: 140 pounds!

IMG_20160513_070328 IMG_20160513_073531

Look at our faces! We have them!

1st Goal Weight Met!

I finally hit my 1st goal weight. I set 160 as my goal weight on my FitBit way back in 2013 when I first got the device. It’s crazy to think how close I was in 2014 to my goal, just 9 pounds away, when I gave up and packed the weight back on over the course of a year or so.

Today when I stepped on the scale I was really overcome with emotion, it read 160.0, a weight I just assumed I’d never be able to reach. It’s not easy losing weight, except that it’s incredibly easy if you focus on it daily. By changing the way I eat and how I view food I’ve managed to lose 42 pounds (and let’s be honest it’s likely I lost closer to 50, I really should have weighed myself that first week we started keto).

I’ve gone on the occasional walk but as far as working out I’ve done very little of it. My previous weight loss attempts always included killing myself at a gym, but not this time. It’s so much easier for me to just say no to food and wait for cheat weekends (and complain) than it was for me to do low calorie + gym. I’ve lasted at least 6 months longer doing keto than I have doing any other weight loss regimes. So, 160 is a huge SV for me and I can’t wait to get into the 150s.

But things other than the scale are prompting me to continue on keto too. NSV’s are awesome. I put on my bathing suit a few days ago and it’s actually loose. All my coats are now quite big on me, even my Fall jacket from a few months ago seems maybe too big to wear for Spring. I’d love to say I’ve always been happy about my body but the more weight I lose the more I realize I wasn’t. I kinda like looking in the mirror now, and I’m not afraid of trying on clothes. Those are really big deals; bigger even than what the scale tells me.

I know I have around 20 more pounds to lose, and even then I might want to lose more, but I can see it now. I’m going to accomplish it. I just need to do it a day at a time and keep keto-ing and keep scheduling my meals and keep having planned cheat weekends to look forward to. I’ll get there, like I’ll for real get there. It’s sorta just dawning on me now and I’m really enjoying the feeling.

Update-y Stuff

We’ve been back on Keto for a week now. Crazy that it’s only 5 more until our next cheat weekend. Looking forward to working hard the next 5 weeks, and by working hard I mean eating lots of fat and paying attention to carbs!

I’ve lost another 1 pound since my stall a few weeks back so I’m pretty thrilled about it. I also fit into a pair of jeans I bought last year! I was just kinda squeezing into them a few weeks ago and before we went on our trip I couldn’t do them up at all. Months back I went out wearing them and I was so uncomfortable the entire night, I couldn’t wait to go home and take them off.

I guess if I don’t quit I’ll be able to wear my normal Fall shirts that were way too small for me in the Spring. Here’s hoping!

Low Carb Grocery Store!

Dave and I were in Toronto this weekend for our friend’s birthday so on our way home we stopped at the Low Carb Grocery Store in Markham. It was definitely worth a trip!

IMG_20150719_121929 IMG_20150719_165217

We bought bread, hot dog buns, sugar subs, flour subs, syrups, mixes, and snacks. We will definitely be ordering online from the store in the future. Dave also subscribed us to www.ketokrate.com, so between that and the Low Carb Grocery Store it should be pretty easy sticking to our diet for another 12 weeks. There’s only so much meat and cheese you can eat before you want a dang sandwich, and now we can have them once in a while!

Only 4 days to go before cheat weekend!

12 Weeks Down

Yesterday Dave and I started week 13 of Keto. 10 weeks we did straight Keto, the other 2 we were in Europe and ate all of Europe. I only got on a scale at the beginning of week 3 so I’m not entirely sure exactly how much weight I’ve lost, but from week 3 to week 13 I’ve tracked my weight loss and it’s hovering around 16 pounds while Dave (who has been tracking the whole time) has lost 24 pounds.

In 12 weeks (minus 2 for eating Europe) combined we’ve lost at least 40 pounds. 40. I complain about Keto a lot (I complain about everything a lot, though), but the fact is, it works. Who wouldn’t want to lose at least a pound a week but not feel starved or like you have to work out a ton? Keto works. And it’s going to keep working for us because we are doing it as a team, so there’s more incentive to stick with the lifestyle.

I look forward to what the next 12 weeks could look like!


I miss travelling already. It’s been just over a month since we got back from our trip to Europe and I’m already itching to get back there. I love walking around new cities, taking trains and local transit to get around, finding neat places to explore and eating all the best food. I can’t wait until next year so I can start planning our next Europe trip.

In the meantime we decided to go to Quebec City in October. Dave and I both haven’t been there since we were kids and Fall is always a nice time to travel. It’s not very far but we plan on spending 4-5 days checking out the city so it’ll be a nice little vacation. 100 days to go!

We tend to walk a lot while on vacation so I get to be way less strict about following Keto than I do at home. I’m already anticipating all the delicious food we’ll get to eat. I like that I can break Keto for a week every 6 weeks and get right back on track. You have to find something that works for you. If I had to follow strict Keto for the rest of my life I’d be too sad to continue, but breaking every once in a while allows me to have goals that I can keep.

I’m aiming to lose another 6 pounds by the end of August, so even with my break week coming up in 2 weeks I can probably accomplish my goal. And then 6 weeks later, I get to go to Quebec. Things to look forward to; so important when you’re trying to lose weight!

Keto/Low Carb Iced Capps

I’m not a big coffee drinker. I think coffee smells great and I always think I want to have it when I go out but, aside from my friend’s mom’s amazing espresso, I pretty much never consume it.

Lately I’ve been craving an iced capp. I used to order them made with chocolate milk, probably adding a lot of extra, unnecessary sugar (it’s really no wonder I gain weight, I am the worst!). I checked online to see if Tim Horton’s would be able to make the drink without the insanely carb-heavy syrup and 2% milk but they don’t seem to have many low-carb options, unfortunately. I try not to drink my calories but in this case I’ve been making an exception.

So, I set out to make my own. My recipe is just 5 ingredients and super easy to make. I throw the first 4 into the Magic Bullet and then once blended I add in a lot of ice. Like a lot. I haven’t figured out how to make the ice stay slushie but I think I’ll get there eventually. Right now it tastes like a melted iced capp and (depending on how much coffee-mate you add) only around 1-2 grams of carbs per serving!

So, here’s what I do:

1. Make a cup of coffee, put the whole cup into the Bullet.coffee
2. Add in about 1/3 of a cup of Lactantia Whipping Cream (this is the only whipping cream I’ve found that has 0 carbs).
3. Put in some sugar substitute (my favourite is erythritol, it tastes the most like sugar and has none of the weirder problems the other sweeteners have, it’s also hella-expensive).eryth
4. Put in as many teaspoons of Coffee-Mate French Vanilla No Sugar Added that you want, be mindful of the carbs (I used around 2 tsps).coffeemate
5. Mix it all together and then put in a lot of ice. All the way up to the top, fill up the cup. ice
6. Blend the entire thing in your blender. Enjoy!

This low-carb iced capp has been a nice treat in the otherwise sad world of keto-seems-to-have-no-fun-beverages-to-drink. Remember that while you might not be consuming a lot of carbs this bevvy is incredibly calorie dense due to the whipping cream. It tastes great though, so it’s worth making as  a treat!

Keto Is OK!

I’m 3 weeks into Keto now and I’ve lost around 5 pounds but probably closer to 7-8 since I didn’t get on the scale until the end of week 1. That’s a fantastic amount in 3 weeks considering I’m not working out at all, except for the occasional walk. I’ll be keeping it up for at least another 2 and 1/2 weeks until our trip and then relaxing a bit in Europe. But when I return I’ll definitely keep going with it.

I wouldn’t say it’s always easy but we’re finding a lot of recipes that are Keto friendly so that when we do have cravings for pizza and pancakes we still get to eat a version of them. On Dave’s birthday we went to a Keto-friendly restaurant called Sizzle Mongolian Grill. It was perfect for us, all the meat and veggies you want, we stayed away from the carby noodles and sauces and rice.

So, we’re doing pretty well. Dave has lost 10 pounds already and we can both fit back into jeans. Keto isn’t for everyone, but if you have the willpower to find the Keto options you’ll do great!

Keto Lasagne (no noodles)

I love lasagne. I love noodles and cheese baked together to gooey perfection. But when you’re going low-carb pasta is kinda the worst thing you could put in your mouth, sadly. So, I did some googling and came up with this recipe. Feels kinda weird to be calling this a keto lasagne since there are no lasagne noodles, but it cuts up like one and you follow the same basic steps in making it, so keto lasagne it is!

I cut the onion completely. Instead I sprinkled my meat with onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper. I added around 4 tablespoons of sauce, to hold the meat together after it was done cooking. I also added some shredded parmesan and goat cheese in the cheese layer.

I highly recommend salting the zucchini to draw out all the water. It worked like a charm. Dave and I both really liked it, next time I’m going to add in some cheddar cheese too to make it even more lasagne-y.

Keto Meatloaf

I don’t like meatloaf very much. I’ve always thought it was pretty gross, to be honest. I don’t like ketchup slathered in meat. But. I love goat cheese and spinach so when I came across this recipe I decided to give it a try.

I cut the recipe in half since I was only feeding Dave and I. I also cut way, way back on the onion.  I put in 1/4 of the suggested amount, make sure you chop them finely. I also didn’t add in scallions, I didn’t have any and also I felt like I didn’t really need it. I also had no tomato paste so I just very lightly brushed the top and sides with spaghetti sauce and on top I sprinkled dill. The goat cheese I used was herbed. I left the spices as posted, but used 1/2 the amounts. I tried to make sure the cheese wasn’t going to come flying out the ends.

I cooked it for about 65 minutes. It is hard to cut when it’s so hot, the cheese just oozes out, so next time I’m going to let it rest a few minutes.

I will definitely be making it again, it was fantastic.