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February 19, 2013

23/30. OMG. Woo! 1 week to go! I really like level 3. I find the stuff with the hand weights relatively easy and the stuff with the plyometrics relatively hard, so it’s a nice balance. Before the weight stuff killed me and I breezed through the cardio sections. Now I breeze through the weight sections and die during the cardio parts. I keep saying this but I really have to throw in cardio after or before a work out 3 times a week soon. Dave made me a banana-strawberry-almond milk-yogurt-honey smoothie. It was delicious. 1. Week. To. GO!

2013-02-19 21.45.15

February 5, 2013

9/30. I just worked out for 9 days in a row. This is the longest streak in which I’ve worked out consecutive days since 2 years ago in October. I regularly wish I had never stopped back then, but I guess there’s little point in feeling bad about it, I’m getting things accomplished now. When I start out doing the Shred I always feel like maybe I’ll die during the first set of jumping jacks. Once I’m past the hump (the point where the girl behind Jillian on the left cheats while Jillian isn’t looking) I feel like I’ll make it through. And I always do. Tomorrow I go for cardio after the Shred again. Sam told me today it takes something like 21 days to form a habit, it’s just too bad I didn’t take up an easier habit, like smoking. I’m nearly at the 1/2 way point though! Wish me luck!


January 28, 2013

I did it! Suck it, J-illain! It was a lot harder than I remember but 2 years ago I had already been working out for a month before I added Jillian into my routine, I think that might have given me a false sense of fitness. I got home from work today and put 30 Day Shred on my laptop. She was queued up and I was about to begin when I realized I had forgotten to find my 5 pound weights. I knew where the 10’s were but one does not simply do JM 30DS with 10 pound weights unless one wants to end up in the emerge. I ran around frantically trying to locate them without having to pause her intro. In the back of my mind if I paused her for even 1 second it would mean I would have to do the Shred for longer than necessary. Once I decide to do something it’s gotta happen in that instant or suddenly I’m wasting time.

She is as irritating as I remember her but by day 3 or 4 I’ll be able to mute her and just follow along without her banter and frankly I don’t think I’ve ever found a work out video/fitness person I didn’t find annoying. They’re just all so excited. I should have my own line of work out videos. I’d do a bunch of really awful exercises but I’d swear the whole time and the people following along behind me would be really mad and throw stuff at my head when my back was turned. I’d yell things like “I don’t *want* to do god damn jumping jacks either, but we might as well!” At the end of each video there would be a picture of me eating a no-bake cherry cheesecake with the caption “I work out.” Who wants to pay me to start filming it? Better yet, who wants to be my backup fitness squad? You get some cheesecake too. Until tomorrow, when Jillian smiles and says “You sure? You think you can handle it? We’ll see.” and I scream “You bitch!” 15 or 16 times at my laptop screen.

2013-01-28 17.24.00 (Sweaty and unhappy and sweaty)