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Couch to 5K 1:1 or How I Woke Up In The Morning Feelin’ Like P-Diddy

Last night, while laying around with Dave and the cats, I was excitedly telling him how we had booked the first of our 4 needed hotels for our trip to Italy in October. We’re spending the first 3 nights in Rome at a little B&B very close to the this and walking distance to most things Rome. Needless to say, I was pretty happy about it. Until I realized how much walking we’re actually going to be doing.

4 years ago Alana and I went to Scotland. I was in full workout mode back then and had no problem running (sometimes literally) around the country, looking at really cool things. I never felt out of shape the whole trip. It dawned on me that I would need to get back to that physical state in order to have the same level of fun in Italy that I had in Scotland.

So I got up and put on work out clothes and decided to start Couch to 5K again. 2 years ago I had completed the program and was regularly running 30 minutes every other day. I felt great, my legs were in great shape, I was never out of breath. I looked pretty OK, I thought. In 9 weeks I had lost close to 20 pounds. I watched what I ate, but wasn’t on a real diet of any kind, just moderation and eating slow and drinking lots of water and working out daily. I am STILL kicking myself for quitting after 3 months and gaining back all the weight. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So back to my triumphant return. I went outside to my rooftop running path (I have no excuses for not running, I even have a built in sponge path on a rooftop terrace), put on the app, stuck in my headphones and went for it.

Now, before I had started the app had asked if I wanted to upload a playlist that it would cycle through during the program, but I never keep music on my phone so I said no, seeing as how there wouldn’t be any songs anyway. It turns out I did have 1 song on my phone, which I had forgotten about completely and which then played for all 28 minutes and 30 seconds of the program: Tik Tok by Ke$ha. Weeks ago I had loaded it on there to bring to a wedding rehearsal and hadn’t bothered to take it off. Try imagining listening to Tik Tok 6 or 7 times in a row while a British voice tells you whether to run or walk at different intervals, all while your head phones keep cutting out and Ke$ha is blaring through your phone in your pocket.

I couldn’t stop laughing. If I didn’t know the words before (I did), I definitely know them now. So I finished Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5K. I’ve learned my lesson and will be putting on a real playlist. I can’t see myself not completing the program, since I did it once before, but I’ll be blogging my way through it this time just in case I need a kick from my readers not to quit (re: my mom).

Tik Tok – Ke$ha

Again, again.

Why can’t I stick to a goal? I seem to always start off with so much energy and by the end of the first month I’m burnt out. In February I was really committed to working out each day but I didn’t focus nearly enough on how I was eating. I think this resulted in, well, no results. My legs and arms were becoming weirdly strong, but I wasn’t losing any weight in my stomach. I got so bored doing 30 Day Shred every single day, that I just gave up after completing 26/30 days. Last night I had another classic meltdown over how I look in clothes, sans tears at least, so I took that to mean that I need to start again, again. Again.

Summer always makes me do this to myself. Bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, dresses, skirts. I feel funny in all of them. I really doubt people are actually looking at me, but I’m always conscious of my gut, my thighs, my fat upper arms. It’s really hard to be overweight when you don’t want to be. I wish I could really love myself, but I’ve always had a hard time with it.

The new plan involves a lot of planning. Writing down 1 week in advance all the things I want to accomplish and all the meals I’m going to consume. 2 planned cheat days a month, very minimal eating out, working out once a day doing various activities.

The first thing I have to do is walk more. I don’t walk nearly enough. I live really close to 2 grocery stores and loads of parks. I could be walking every day if I had the motivation. I hesitate to be one of those people who write these really lofty goals on their blog instead of just getting out and doing it, but blogging is one of the reasons I stuck with the Shred so long in the first place, so blogging will have to be integral to the new, new, new, new plan.

The second thing I have to do is find my workout pants. A few weekends ago I went pole dancing for my soon to be sister in law’s bachelorette party. I’m pretty sure I left my pants on the floor at the studio. They were way too long anyway, but I’m down a set of work out pants which sucks.

I made a really ugly planner for myself for this week, I laughed when I was done it. I’ll need to get a real one and put it up in my house where I can shame myself into looking at it and sticking to it. The planner is for 1 week intervals and I’m going to cross out the meal/activity as I complete it to see at the end of each week where my problem areas are/what I need to change the following week. I’m also going to set an extra small goal for myself every day, which doesn’t necessarily need to be work out or food related. I’m also considering putting the plan up on this site so all my readers (my mom) can follow along with my progress.

I’m not sure how effective this again, again plan will be, but I’ll see how it goes. I’ve told Dave if this one doesn’t work out I’m going to hire him to be my food slapper and he can follow me around, slapping the food out of my hands/mouth.

Here’s week 1:

week 1 - june 10 - 16 plan

February 27, 2013

25/30. 5 days to go! My abs (which I can feel developing under a layer of fat) hurt a bit today from doing the work out yesterday. I like those days. The days I can feel my muscles are a bit tight but not so tight I can’t walk down or up stairs are good days. Instead of dwelling on how I haven’t lost pounds I’m going to celebrate the things I’ve noticed that have changed.

Here’s a convenient list for you to peruse:

1. My back fat is disappearing. When I glance in the mirror I can tell that my shirts are fitting a lot better in the rear. I can tell I’m thinning out back there. It’s a fun improvement.

2. My arm fat is disappearing. All those weight parts of the Shred are paying off. I have little muscles when I flex and the fat part that hangs down is less, well, fat part-y.

3. Endurance. I’m not getting so nearly red in the face when I work out now. But I’m still sweating an appropriate amount so I know I’m getting better at breathing through the work out.

4. My thighs are smaller. Woot!! It’s nice to see the difference 4 weeks of working out makes when you’re wearing tights. My tights fit way better.

I’m really proud of these little minor changes that likely only I’ve noticed. They keep me going on a daily basis.

Here is a pic of some tights I wore the other day under a long dress/shirt. Something I’d have been too “fatty” to think I could wear before and pull it off.

2013-02-26 09.17.15


Back! Update!

I took 5 days off of working out because I had this really bizarre flu/allergies/sinus infection/cold crop up last week. I was going to try and ignore it but Sam told me I shouldn’t push through something like that just to work out a few extra days so I didn’t. I slept. My muscles feel great. I think I forgot I really needed a rest and that 30 days of strength work outs in a row is insane. I didn’t want to take off 5 days, I was only going to take off 2 but every time I laughed I had a 15 minute coughing attack so I was pretty sure all of Jillian’s hilarious jokes were going to send me into an arrhythmia. I’m going back to the Shred tonight and will do it for the next 7 days. After that I want to go into a real routine. 1 day strength, 1 day cardio, 1 day strength, 1 day cardio, rest day.


I need to work on my diet. I don’t want to call it a diet, though, I just want to start making better choices. It’s all great and fine to work out all the time but without paying attention to the food I’m eating I’m not going to lose any amount of weight. I know I’ve lost inches, my pants are so loose right now they’re kinda falling off when I stand up, but my shirts still feel tight. In Sudbury over the weekend my Dad noticed that I’d lost weight. It’s nice to hear that everything I’m trying to do hasn’t gone completely unnoticed. I actually haven’t lost any weight at all but I guess losing inches might be better than losing weight.

Sam assures me if I up my water intake and start doing rest days I’ll definitely see results.

I decided against the Fitbit for right now. Partly because I feel really guilty I didn’t accomplish 30 days in a row and partly because it doesn’t sync with my Android phone yet. Once it sync’s and has all the iOs capabilities I’ll probably want to get one.

In way cooler news, I am super pumped about helping to organize my sister-in-law to be Chantale’s wedding shower in June. I have so many ideas I had to start a Pinterest board for them. I should have gone into party planning. I bet it’s not too late! We’ll see how this goes first, maybe, before I consider uprooting my pimpin’ lifestyle and going into a career that might make me less money than Arts Graduate.


Being Sick

Went to bed last night with a sore throat. Woke up this morning coughing. Visiting Sudbury always ends with me sick. Babies are such little incubators. Whatever Maddy has I always end up getting. I should stop letting her cough into my face while I read her 1500 books. But who am I kidding, she’s super cute, how can I say no to that face.

I’m trying to fend it off as best I can but I’m miserable. And to make matters worse, because I was sucking on a cough drop, I forgot to brush my teeth. I’m devastated about it. I want to run home right now and brush them.

I feel like I’ve never successfully defended an on-coming illness. I’ve been taking cough drops and cold tablets in an attempt to stop the real sickness before it can take hold. It means I’m going to cough all day at work and be exhausted by the time I get home. I won’t want to work out. I’ll work out anyway and then go to bed early. I’m already sad about this entire day and it just started.



February 19, 2013

23/30. OMG. Woo! 1 week to go! I really like level 3. I find the stuff with the hand weights relatively easy and the stuff with the plyometrics relatively hard, so it’s a nice balance. Before the weight stuff killed me and I breezed through the cardio sections. Now I breeze through the weight sections and die during the cardio parts. I keep saying this but I really have to throw in cardio after or before a work out 3 times a week soon. Dave made me a banana-strawberry-almond milk-yogurt-honey smoothie. It was delicious. 1. Week. To. GO!

2013-02-19 21.45.15

February 18, 2013

22/30. 8 days to go! My back felt funny for a few hours after I got home, but I waited it out and felt better so I went for it. I really like level 3. It’s challenging and there isn’t an insane amount of weight stuff. I had to drop to doing push-ups on my knees again because you have to traverse in a semi-circle while doing push-ups and I’m not there yet. Rock star jumps are also tough. Actually, all the jumps are tough. At one point you have to do jumping jacks with the weights. I laugh the whole way through. Jillian does basically none of the work out, Natalie is virtually never shown. It’s basically an Anita work-out video in slow motion because sometimes Anita looks 120 years old with how slow shes’ moving. In level 2 she does these really funny step touches and I was never able to take her seriously. Sometimes when I’m trying to follow Natalie I have to just stop and follow Anita because Natalie isn’t in this season, you barely get to see her. 8 more days!!! I keep saying it. I’m really excited.

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred Workout (2009)-

February 17, 2013

21/30. First day at level 3. OMG. Get real, Jillian. Somehow she thinks I should be able to do planks AND weights at the same time. She’s got to be joking. My favourite move was when we did Supermans. I’m pretty sure I looked just like Clark Kent. My sister had to tell me how to do some moves while she folded laundry behind where  I was working out because the video kept pausing and all I could hear was the audio. Then the video skipped from circut 2 to circut 3 and I ended up doing an extra cardio interval by mistake. Talk about not impressed. Kryssie and Jon made me 2 crepes after that though, so it was worth it. 9 days to go. 21 days down! I’m definitely in my zone. Zone. Zone. Zone.



February 15, 2013

19/30. What!!!!! 1 more day left of planking. I mean presumably the third level is done completely from the plank position but at least I’ll be able to say I beat Jillian’s 20/30 day Shred. I really have to start adding in cardio after the work out, I’m going to start trying to do that when I get home from Sudbury while I’m doing level 3 next week.

Most of my clothes are currently hanging up in my bathroom drying, so I had to shower in our guest bathroom after the Shred. I felt like I was in a hotel. I might do it more often for a fun change of shower pace. A lot of my clothes can’t go in the dryer, which used to be really irritating, but I realized I could hang them up in my shower and they would dry relatively quickly so I haven’t minded too much since then. Try it some time if you need to go easy on hydro/don’t want to risk having your clothes shrink in the dryer/don’t have enough room to put up a drying rack. It’s really convenient.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 7:30 and do the Shred. It will no doubt be very difficult. It means I have to do it in about 10 hours and then drive to Sudbury. I’m not looking forward to it at all. 20/30 will be a huge deal for me, it’ll be the longest work out streak in human history I bet.
2013-02-15 21.32.52